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After-sales service

Service commitment
Customer satisfaction is our eternal quest; the delivery of the project is just the beginning of our life-long service. We will provide fully train for operating person, as well as all the technical issues and gotcha during use. We will try our best to solve difficulties for our customers. So that our customers can grow up slowly during operating to become a qualified, excellent and comprehensive operational expert, which is also the ultimate goal of our service!
After sales commitment
Our equipment warranty period is one year (from date of starting use)
1 During the warranty period, we provide all the parts without charging which caused by quality problems, and is responsible for timely repair or replacement.
2 If the abnormal operation or other reasons, which lead to the failure or damage of the equipment, then we will ask the cost of accessories and some related services payment as appropriate.
3 When user notice us device fails, same province we will arrived the site within 24 hours, if the other provinces which is very far, we will arrange workers to go in the second days after receiving the notice, (such as special circumstances, the two sides can negotiate).
4 Our equipment, we will provide life-long service, accessories also provide in good quality and cheap price.
5 Supplier will be every year to check the equipment running good or not, solicit and listen to the views of users to help users solve problems, we will also draw the valuable experience from the user, and do better improve and innovation for the equipment.
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